Nasrallah: A Life of Terror

Hassan Nasrallah has led Hezbollah for 21 years. Under his leadership, Hezbollah has committed dozens of deadly terror attacks, used the population of Southern Lebanon as a human shield in its confrontation with Israel, and has continued to spread terror around the world.

During the first years of the 1975-1990 Lebanese Civil War, Hassan Nasrallah joined the Amal movement – a Shi’a Islamic militia. He then studied at an Iranian-funded Shia seminary under the tutelage of Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr, and became a teacher at the school of Amal’s leader Abbas al-Musawi.


Nasrallah joined Hezbollah in 1982, after the first Lebanon War. He quickly became notorious for his radical and dogmatic sermons. Nasrallah also served as a guerilla commander in charge of ousting Israeli forces. In 1987, he went to Iran to further his study of Shia Islam. In 1992, Nasrallah was chosen as the leader of Hezbollah and focused establishing a more extremist line against Israel and the US.

Three weeks after becoming the organization’s leader, Nasrallah had already orchestrated a major terror attack against the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing 29 civilians. He has continued ever since to organize and perpetrate terror attacks all around the world.

In his own words

  • Nasrallah (February 2000): “I’m against any reconciliation with Israel. I don’t recognize the presence of a state that is called Israel.”
  • Nasrallah (2004): “We are going to win, because [the Jews] love life and we love death.”
  • Nasrallah (January 2009): “We’re ready to sacrifice our souls, our brothers and sisters, our children, our loved ones for what we believe in.”
  • Nasrallah (January 2009): “Israel is our enemy and the enemy of our nation.”
  • Nasrallah (December 2000): “[Israel is] a cancer that needs to be removed at its roots.”
  • Nasrallah (October 2000): “The most important operations in the confrontation are suicide missions.”
  • Nasrallah (May 2013): “We announce that we stand with the Syrian popular resistance and offer material and spiritual support as well as coordination in order to liberate the Syrian Golan.”

Nasrallah is not afraid of attacking civilians, whether they are Israelis or his own people. He is the perfect fit for the leadership of a terrorist organization which has two main purposes: the destruction of Israel and the imposition of a Shia theocracy in Lebanon.

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