Hamas’ Propaganda Machine in Action During Operation Pillar of Defense

Hamas, the terrorist group that rules the Gaza Strip, operates an efficient and well organized propaganda machine, from television and radio to summer camps and rallies. During Operation Pillar of Defense, Hamas broadcast many lies, intended both for international audiences as well as the people of Gaza.

Here are a few of Hamas’ many lies from the past two weeks:

  1. Hamas claimed that the picture below was photographed after an IDF airstrike. In fact, it was taken in Syria.

    Hamas lie during Operation Pillar of Defense

    Hamas claims this picture was taken in Gaza following an IDF strike. It was taken in Syria.

  2. The Palestinians in the image below staged video footage for the BBC. A group of men carried a “wounded” man past the camera, but a few moments later, the same man was walking around normally.

    Palestinian man pretends to be injured, then magically stands on his feet

  3. The following videos present Hamas’ tens of lies from the first four days of warfare alone.


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