Hamas Propaganda

The Hamas propaganda-machine is a highly sophisticated and well coordinated effort on several fronts to disperse Hamas’ message.

Hamas combines an aggressive propaganda campaign targeted at its own population with a well orchestrated international campaign to bring the global media and subsequently the international opinion on its side.

The difference between these two campaigns could not be greater. While aggressively pushing an anti-semitic agenda to the Palestinian people, the world outside of Gaza only gets presented with the seemingly humanistic side of Hamas.

Hamas’ main effort in its local propaganda scheme is the indoctrination of Gaza’s children through the use of children’s television programs, online learning centers and military style summer camps, thereby raising a new generation of Palestinians brought up with blind hate. Traditionally safe environments for children are being abused by broadcasting Hamas’ hateful messages into the impressionable minds of children. Videos like the following example from a children’s TV-Show are common on Hamas’ TV stations.

On the other hand, Hamas portraits itself as a caring political organization, with only the welfare of its citizens in mind, to the international media. While the unemployment rate in Gaza dropped dramatically to 25% and even has a five star hotel, Hamas withholds or even steals gasoline and medical supplies from hospitals, thereby creating  an artificial crisis that can then be presented to the international media for maximum media effect.

Hamas deliberately uses its own population as human shields which proves their sick goal: to provoke as many civilian casualties as possible and afterwards present these casualties to the media and blame Israel for the deaths. In reality, Hamas has no regard for human life, be it that of their own population or of Israeli civilians. Hamas officials openly boast about the use of human shields in the Palestinian media and at the same time broadcast anti-semitic and anti-christian messages like the following: