The End of One Legacy and the Beginning of Another: A Final Salute to the Herev Battalion

After decades of only serving alongside fellow community members, the Druze soldiers of the Herev Battalion will begin integrating into the rest of the IDF’s forces. Yesterday, May 18, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot officially announced the closing of the Druze-only battalion in response to the minority community’s interest in sending their young, brave men to serve in combat roles across all IDF units. The Druze make up one of Israel’s largest minority groups, comprising more than 100,000 people.

The IDF’s Home Front Command: Ready for Anything

The IDF’s Home Front Command works tirelessly to prepare soldiers and Israeli civilians for emergency situations on all fronts. Capt. Nitzan Tzouk, an officer in the Home Front Command, recently led a district-wide exercise in Amakim that required coordination with the army, volunteers, and emergency organizations. He has the heavy responsibility of assuring the safety and readiness of Israel’s Amakim District in the north during times of emergency.

A Moving Testimony: History Through the Eyes of a Holocaust Survivor

Rina Pearl Zakay was just a ten year-old girl when the Second World War broke out and life as she knew it ended abruptly. After the war, she immigrated to Israel all by herself and decided to fight for the independence of the State of Israel. She went on to build a family, and 70 years after the Holocaust, she is the proud grandmother of three grandchildren who all served in the IDF. In honor of Holocaust Memorial day, she tells her moving tale of bravery and survival.