Women’s Affairs

The position of Women’s Affairs Advisor to the Chief of Staff was created in 2001. The female officer holding the position is in charge of ensuring more opportunities and a suitable environment for female soldiers, as well as better enhancing their skills.

Former Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi (res.) stated the vision of the Women’s Affairs Advisor is for the IDF to be “a leading organization in society where women and men work as one to advance the goals of the IDF and the state of Israel while giving equal opportunities based on the talent and merit for a respectable and meaningful army service.”

The Women’s Affair Advisor researches and instructs about women’s service in the IDF. She monitors General Staff activity and changes within the IDF, giving her own professional opinion. Additionally, the position entails advising commanders on how to incorporate women, determining sexual harassment policies in the IDF and representing the IDF in the world on women matters.

IDF soldiers and officers may turn to the Women’s Affairs Advisor if they are suffering from discrimination or with any other problem.


To empower women, the IDF and Israeli society by promoting conditions that allow for the optimal use of the capabilities of women serving in the IDF; promoting equal opportunities for women during their military service; and assimilating women into military leadership positions.