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The Israel Navy oversees the building of the IDF naval forces and its operations.

The navy’s primary objectives are to defend and protect Israel from threats emanating from the sea, to warn of impending warfare and to achieve the goals set by the IDF during warfare.

The navy is also responsible for protecting strategic infrastructure along Israel’s coast, including natural resources and ports.

The navy also plays a crucial role in preventing the smuggling of weapons to terrorist organizations on Israel’s borders – including Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Lebanon.


– To defend Israel from the sea and to secure areas where the IDF is operating.

– To secure Israeli activities at sea.

– To assist IDF forces in defeating enemies during war.

– To strike enemy targets.

– To gather and assess intelligence at sea and contribute to the IDF’s general intelligence assessments.

– To transport forces, weaponry and equipment to designated designations.

– To conduct search and rescue missions.

– To conduct special operations.

– To develop naval forces.