Combat Engineering

The Combat Engineering Corps is crucial in the battlefield as it is the only force trained to break through obstacles such as mine fields, tunnels, and dirt mounds. Engineering soldiers deal with a variety of challenges such as operating APCs, overcoming ground obstacles using engineering equipment, and breaching roads using mines, sabotage and bomb neutralizing. The corps also deals with NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) warfare. These activities require thought and professionalism both as an individual and as teams.

Famous for its silver beret, the corps was established in 1947.


Mines and explosives: localized attacks within enemy territory. Covertly overcoming enemy traps and obstacles, enabling the IDF to complete its missions.

Overcoming nature and manmade obstacles using explosives, mechanical equipment, robots and a combination of the three.

Using engineering equipment and means of assault. The engineering corps uses both light and heavy equipment and is able to mobilize before the other forces performing missions such as mine explosion, sealing tunnels, breaching roads in complex areas and terrains, and creating different ground obstacles.


Three combat battalions compose the major forces of the Engineering corps, operating at every front both during war and during peacetime. A fourth battalion deals with NBC warfare, and is in charge of purifying infected areas in case of unconventional warfare. The NBC battalion is composed of both female and male soldiers and works with every unit in the IDF.

Sayeret Yahalom (special operation engineering unit) is the Engineering Corps’ special forces unit and one of the most elite units in the IDF. The purpose of the unit is maneuvering operations involving dangerous weaponry, engineering reconnaissance, and dealing with tunnel threats and weapons hideouts in enemy territory, using technologically advanced equipment.