Education Corps

The Education and Youth Corps was founded in 1957 and operates in a variety of fields.

• assisting commanders in educational programs
• preparing teens for their military service
• incorporating and advancing minorities and special communities
• values and Spirit of the IDF
• the IDF in a Jewish and democratic state
• developing leadership skills
• immigrant absorption
• heritage and culture
• IDF history and knowledge of Israel
• completing education degrees and language mastering
• military media

The corps offers a variety of positions everywhere in the IDF as well as civilian facilities such as schools, boarding schools and daycares all across the country.

The corps also better prepares high school students for their upcoming military service with weeklong mock-basic training programs in “youth battalions.”

The corps offers a variety of educational programs focusing on Israeli history, sites, values, and to those interested- Zionism and Jewish identity. The Witnesses in Uniform program, subsidized by the corps, sends soldiers and officers to Poland to learn about and commemorate the tragedy of the Holocaust.

The corps is also involved in the Birthright program that enables young Jews from abroad to visit and learn about Israel. Focusing on culture, the corps also includes IDF bands, theater groups and a weekly news magazine, Bamahane.

Havat HaShomer training base

Havat HaShomer takes in soldiers considered at-risk youth, coming from broken homes or difficult backgrounds.

The soldiers are divided into companies based on the level of assistance they require in completing their education, ranging from basic to advance schooling.

The mission of the Havat HaShomer Base is to advance the individual and fulfill his or her potential for the success of each soldier and citizen in general.

Each soldier will develop both military and life skills as well as a sense of personal capability and accomplishment. The base will nurture the personal strength in its soldiers and commanders and aspire to learning and constant progress while adhering to IDF values and camaraderie.

Mikve Alon base, education center

The mission of Mikve Alon is to prepare special populations for a meaningful IDF service while better incorporating them into society.

The base offers education tracks and immigrant tracks enabling soldiers to complete 12 years of schooling, improve their Hebrew, and integrate into Israeli society and military service.