C4I: Computers and Communications

The C4I Corps was founded in March 2003 as a combination of the C4I and Communication Corps set in charge of creating IDF teleprocessing strategies.

The corps is responsible for operating teleprocessing means in the general staff and at the home front as well as coordination of teleprocessing at the various branches via headquarters. Additionally, it builds and operates teleprocessing infrastructures in the IDF.

The mission of the corps is to shape IDF capabilities and enable integrated operations on the ground, in the air and at sea, while improving operational effectiveness and efficiently using resources.

Creating a unified method for testing processes, technical needs, and use of communication means of the general staff and between the various branches, the corps defends information systems of the IDF and of other government bodies.  It is also in charge of frequencies, publishing both operational and maintenance technical instructions, the IDF mailing systems, and creating and operating a basic teleprocessing vision.