By the numbers: IDF women in combat

International Women’s Day is a celebration of empowerment and equality. Since the establishment of the IDF, women have been recruited to various positions throughout the Israeli military.

In 1995, the IDF opened combat positions for women.

Female IDF soldiers serving in combat

In 2016, 2100 women were serving as combat soldiers, and the number keeps rising.

Female combat soldiers advance to higher positions such as commanders and officers.

Female IDF soldiers going to commanders and officers courses

Many women who don’t serve in combat choose to draft to influential science and technology programs, such as the “Atudah” Academic Program Engineers.

Women in science and technology in the IDF

“Atudah” is similar to ROTC in the United States. Draftees study at the university level, acquire academic degrees, and then serve in military positions relevant to their academic fields before proceeding to the IDF Officers Course.