The 7 IDFBlog articles from the past year that you need to read

As a new year begins on the Jewish calendar, we take time to reflect on what we’ve learned in the past 12 months. Here at IDFBlog, we’ve covered threats, innovations, personal stories, and breaking news. In case you missed them, here are some of our best articles of the past year.

ISIS threatens to wipe out Israel – Here’s why we’re taking them seriously

Over the past year, ISIS has threatened Israel multiple times through their media channels. With a strong ISIS presence in Egypt’s unstable Sinai Peninsula, which borders Israel, we know that this isn’t an empty threat. This article outlines the history of ISIS in the Sinai from its inception as terror group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis and reviews five years of attacks on Israel and its civilians. This year, the IDF confirmed that ISIS in the Sinai receives monetary aid, training, medical care, and support from Hamas in Gaza, showing the clear link between the two terror groups.  


Smart Helmets Take Fighter Pilots to a New Level

The IDF is known around the world for its innovative technological edge. These helmets, worn by the Israel Air Force’s elite fighter pilots, are an excellent example of IDF tech at work. Cpt. R offered the IDFBlog an exclusive look into the helmets’ features – including a projector that beams real-time data onto the lenses and a built-in camera.


Senior IDF official explains the Syrian war on our northern border

The Syrian Civil War has taken hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and caused massive destruction over the past five years. The IDFBlog accompanied a senior IDF official on a tour of our border with Syria, where militant groups and armies fight for dominance just over the border fence. The senior IDF official breaks down the groups fighting in the Syrian Golan, the status of the civilians living there, and the threat of global jihadis on our border.


“You’re alright. Don’t change.” An IDF soldier on being out, gay, and religious

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, IDFBlog talked to Cpl. Yehonatan, of the Coordination and Liaison Administration to the Gaza Strip, about his experiences as an openly gay, religious soldier serving in the IDF. Cpl. Yehonatan has dedicated himself to educating others and opening dialogues in IDF bases. He brings that discussion to the IDFBlog, answering questions about giving talks, changing minds, and reconciling sexuality and religiosity.  


Global aid to Gaza is on the rise in 2016, as well as Hamas cross-border tunnel construction

As international aid continues flowing into Gaza – over a billion dollars since Operation Protective Edge in 2014 – unemployment in the Gaza Strip remains high and the economy dwindles. So what is Hamas, the government of Gaza, doing with all of the money they receive? Instead of rebuilding and investing in their civilians, international aid is going underground.


10 Leadership tips from Israeli Air Force pilots

IAF pilots go through some of the IDF’s most difficult and strenuous physical and mental training throughout their three-year-long course. All of their experience leads up to receiving a major responsibility: Piloting the IAF’s fighter jets. The lessons that make them better pilots also make them better leaders in civilian life. This article gives you ten tips, tried and tested by the IDF’s elite, to be the best you can be.     


How can we prevent the next “lone wolf” attack?

So-called “lone wolf” terrorists have shaken the globe this year, staging bloody attacks against civilians around the world. Israel has been studying these lone wolves since the ongoing wave of Palestinian terror began in October 2015, and this article details the lessons that the IDF has learned in stopping these attacks before they happen.