17 Captivating Photos from Operation Protective Edge

The IDF launched Operation Protective Edge on July in response Hamas’ incessant terror attacks against Israel. These photos show the daily reality of Israeli civilians living under rocket fire and the IDF’s soldiers on the field.

Israelis take shelter at the sound of warning sirens

Israelis take cover upon hearing rocket sirens on a highway. Photo credit: Reuters

A Gazan rocket hits a gas station in southern Israel

A rocket fired by Hamas hits a gas station in southern Israel. Photo credit: Avi Roccah

Destroyed house in Yehud  after being hit by a Gaza rocket

A house in Yehud is destroyed after being hit by a rocket fired from Gaza

In response to the incessant attacks, IAF attacks terror targets in Gaza

In response to incessant attacks, the IAF targets terror sites in Gaza. Photo credit: Flash90

Gazans get on the roof of a house to serve as human shields after the IAF warn that this was a military target

Gazan civilians run to the roof of a building used for terrorist activity after Hamas encourages them to serve as human shields.

IDF naval forces target Hamas terror targets near the Gaza coast

IDF Naval Forces strike Hamas terror infrastructure located near the Gaza Coast

Ground forces preperring for the ground operation

Forces from the Armored Corps prepare for the ground operation. Photo credit: AFP/GettyImages

IDF soldiers in the Gaza Strip

IDF soldiers complete a mission in the Gaza Strip

Two explosive devices found in a baby's room in Gaza

Two explosive devices discovered next to a baby’s crib in the Gaza Strip

Ground forces face the challenges of urban combat

An IDF soldier in urban combat

Arsenal of mortar exposed by our forces in Gaza

An arsenal of mortar shells uncovered in a tunnel by IDF forces operating in Gaza

The IDF opens a field hospital to treat wounded Palestinians

The IDF field hospital receives Palestinians patients from Gaza

The IDF transfer goods and humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip

The IDF transfers goods and humanitarian aid from Israel into the Gaza Strip

401 Armored Brigade supports Ground Forces near the Gaza border

The 401 Armored Brigade supports Ground Forces near the Gaza border

Soldiers prepared to destroy a terror tunnel in the Gaza Strip

Soldiers prepare to dismantle a Hamas tunnel in the Gaza Strip

Infantry forces begin the road back home

Infantry forces return to Israel

Israel withdraws its troops from the Gaza Strip

Israel withdraws its troops from the Gaza Strip. Photo credit: Reuters