IDF Targets Gaza Terrorist, Eliminates Imminent Threat to Israel

Terrorist Neutralized

IAF aircraft successfully targeted Abdallah Kharti in the central Gaza Strip early Sunday morning.

Abdallah Kharti, born in 1985, is a key Popular Resistance Committees operative, affiliated with global Jihad. Kharti was involved in numerous incidents of rocket fire towards Israel. The IDF operated in order to eliminate an imminent threat to the lives of Israeli civilians.

Since the beginning of 201433 rockets were launched from Gaza at Israeli territory.

“Precision munitions combined with advanced intelligence enables us to strike terrorists like Kharti while they attempt to use Hamas’s Gaza as a haven for their hostilities,” IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said. “Gaza terrorists will not be immune to launch these cross border attacks at Israeli civilians.”

IAF Aircraft_IDF

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