USEUCOM and IDF Conclude Concurrent Bilateral Exercises

The Israel Defense Forces and the U.S. European Command concluded two concurrent, unrelated military exercises Aug. 1, 2013, that took place over the past two weeks in Israel. Neither exercise was related to any current real-world events.

Juniper Stallion 13 and Noble Melinda 13 were bilateral exercises held between the U.S. and Israeli Air Forces and Navies respectively. The exercises took place as part of regularly scheduled training between the two nations.

IAF and American Air Force

Juniper Stallion 13 was a combined, bilateral F-15/F-16 air-to-air exercise designed to improve the interoperability and cooperation between the U.S. and Israeli air forces. The exercise took place at Nevatim Air Base in southern Israel. Juniper Stallion is held annually, and JS13 was in planning for more than a year.

Noble Melinda 13 was an annual bilateral maritime exercise focusing on explosive ordnance disposal and other underwater operations. The exercise was designed to increase interoperability by developing the individual and collective maritime proficiencies of the U.S. and Israel while promoting friendship and cooperation. This was the 11th year that Noble Melinda occurred, taking place as part of regularly scheduled training between the two nations.

IDF and American Navy in joint-training

Both the services of the U.S. European Command and the Israel Defense Forces expressed satisfaction with the exercises, viewing them both as an opportunity to expand on an already strong military relationship that has spanned decades.