6 Photos From the 6-Day War You’ve Never Seen Before

In the Six-Day War (June 5-10, 1967), the IDF fought some of the defining battles of Israeli history and of the 20th Century. But what happened during preparation beforehand, and during those six days in between the battles? These are the people who fought for Israel’s freedom – some famous, some not – and six heartfelt moments that happened behind the headlines.


Six Day War: Letters and packages from homeJune 1, 1967: The most difficult thing about going into battle isn’t the fighting – it’s being away from your family. Soldiers stationed in the South get letters and packages from family at home. (Credit: GPO)


Sid Day War: Soldiers in the Sinai at the end of the dayJune 11, 1967: The IDF mobilized an incredible 264,000 soldiers during the Six Day War. Soldiers, some smiling, some exhausted, listen to the order of the day after the end of their advance on the southern section of the Sinai Peninsula. (Credit: GPO)


Ezer Weizman, Moshe Dayan, and Motti Hod sitting on the banks of the Suez Canal

Sometimes, even famous military leaders need a moment to rest. IDF generals Ezer Weizman, Moshe Dayan and Motti Hod sit alongside the Suez Canal.


Soldiers with their pet puppies in the Negev

June 1, 1967: Man’s best friend. Soldiers with their pet puppies in the Negev. (Credit: GPO)


Soldiers in the Old CIty of Jerusalem

June 7, 1967: After a fierce battle, IDF soldiers liberated the Old City of Jerusalem. Soldiers rest against the imposing stones of the Western Wall. (Credit: BaMachaneh)


Chief of Staff Yitzchak Rabin with IAF staff

Before he became Israel’s Prime Minister, Yitzchak Rabin was the Chief of Staff of the IDF. Rabin, standing with a helicopter pilot and an Air Force soldier, looks out from a position on one of the Bardavil Islands during a tour of the Sinai.

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