IDF Begins Speaking Spanish

The IDF officially inaugurated its Spanish language website today (Sunday, May 5), adding another language to its online presence. The IDF’s Spanish website offers content both for Spanish-speaking Israelis and for an international audience, featuring real-time news, profiles of particular units and general information about Israel’s military.

IDF Spanish Website

IDF pages in Spanish are also now available on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

“On the website, we offer updated and accurate information on the topics that interest online readers, particularly the Spanish-speaking community,” explained Cpl. Pruss (22), who immigrated from Argentina a year and a half ago and now serves as a writer and editor on the IDF’s Spanish website. “In contrast to the other platforms that we operate in Spanish [Facebook, YouTube and Twitter], the website includes feature and analytical pieces on the security situation, units of the IDF, its soldiers and its values.”

The staff managing the IDF’s web presence in Spanish consists entirely of native Spanish speakers who have immigrated to Israel. It is part of the military’s Interactive Media Branch, which also operates the IDF Website and the IDF Blog, in addition to managing the IDF’s presence on new media platforms including FacebookTwitterYouTubeFlickr and Tumblr.

“Israel and the IDF receive significant media coverage, and in the age of the Internet, misinformation spreads rapidly,” stated Cpl. Pruss. “We have accurate information and details from the field, and we must share them with the public, as is proper in a democratic nation,” he added, noting that over 500 million of the world’s people speak Spanish.

IDF in Spanish

Spanish is the fifth language in which the IDF has official websites, following Hebrew, Arabic, English and French. The IDF also has an online presence in Russian, including accounts on Twitter and YouTube.

“In the scope of identifying additional audiences worldwide and attempting to reach them through social networks, we have come to realize the importance of the Latin American audiences,” explained Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich, Head of the IDF’s Interactive Media Branch. “And this is why we have initiated the Spanish platforms, which have specific content for these audiences. Our goal is to breach the traditional media and supply more information about the IDF, 24/7.”