The Israel Defense Forces – Now In Spanish

Congratulations! We’re proud to announce the launch of the IDF’s Spanish New Media Desk. Following the success of the launch of the French Desk in the past year, we’re branching out to Spanish with various social media platforms.

IDF Twitter Account in Spanish

Screenshot of the IDF Spanish Twitter Account

IDF in Spanish on Twitter:

Official IDF Twitter in Spanish @FDIonline

Head of Latin America and Asian Desk, Captain Roni Kaplan – @CapitanKaplan

IDF Spanish YouTube Channel

Screenshot of the main page of the IDF Spanish YouTube

YouTube Channel:

The IDF currently has official informational channels in Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, and French with Spanish now joining the list.  The Spanish Desk’s YouTube channel and Twitter account are now live – soon to come are an official Facebook page and the IDF website in Spanish.

Join us and help spread the word.