IDF Master Chef: Medical Corps

IDF medical squads have often proved to be effective and capable in the field, but do they know their way around the kitchen?

IDF Medics Compete for Best Chef Award

By day: IDF medical personnel. By other days: enterprising chefs

Today, the commanders of Training Base 6 (Hebrew: Bahad 6), the training base for the Medical Corps, set off to find the answer. In a competition meant to build team spirit, every medical squad — each from a different unit — received the same ingredients with one task at hand: make the best meal.

Ingredients for Master Chef Competition


The Meals Presented by the Medics at the end of the Competition

And after.

For the next few hours, the hard-working medics focused their brains and creativity on making the best dish, rather than saving the next patient.

IDF Medics in the Kitchen

Looks complicated.

The medics present their dishes to the judges

Presenting the dishes to the panel of judges

In the end, one team was declared as the winner, and the competitors set down for a royal dinner. Doctor’s orders.

The Dishes Arrayed for the Meal

Who said army food wasn't up to par?

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