Sgt. Daniel Bern’s Tips for Lone Soldiers Serving in the IDF

Sgt. Daniel Bern is a released lone soldier, who made Aliyah from Panama and served in the IDF Combat Engineering Corps.

SGT. Daniel Bern, lone soldier in the Engineering Corps

Today, he uses his experience and knowledge to give lone soldiers the best tips on how to protect Israel while being thousands of miles away from their families:

  1. Don’t be afraid of talking to your commanders when you need something. They’re there to understand and help you in your every move.
  2.  If you’re not fluent in Hebrew, don’t worry. The IDF has many ways of helping you to learn the language, including Michve Alon’s Hebrew course.
  3. When you are having a tough day, just think about the reason you came to Israel and serve in the IDF- to protect the citizens of the country.
  4. If you have no family at all in Israel, living on a kibbutz during your service is a very good way of saving money.
  5. Drafting into the army with the help of a Garin program could be very helpful as you’ll meet other lone soldiers in the same position as you.
  6. Talk to other soldiers in different units so you can make a better decision about where you want to go or be in the army.
  7. Learn all the rights a lone soldier gets so you can make sure you are receiving them.

More than 5,500 lone soldiers are serving in the IDF, in both combat and administrative positions. These soldiers, like their fellow IDF recruits, are entrusted with securing the safety of Israeli citizens- all while being thousands of miles from their families and friends.

The IDF and other notable civilian organizations such as AWIS make tremendous efforts to accommodate these lone soldiers and address their special needs.

Just two weeks ago, more than 400 lone soldiers took part in an ABSI France/AWIS-organized Passover Seder, in the presence of Lt. Gen Benny Gantz and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.


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