How Can You Help IDF Soldiers on Passover?

All across Israel, IDF soldiers will be spending their Passover seders in military bases, away from family and friends. While millions of Jewish families will gather around tables loaded with food, our soldiers will be standing guard with one purpose in mind: to protect Israel and its citizens.

IDF Soldier Eating Matza On Base

IDF soldiers will be standing guard in their outposts, even on Passover

This year, for the first time ever, you can help make the soldiers’ holiday happier by sending a greeting directly to them! Here’s how:

1. ‘Like’ the IDF Facebook page

2. Comment with your greeting on this status (or send it directly to our inbox)

3. That’s it!

The good people in AWIS will deliver your greetings directly to the soldiers, all details included.

In addition, AWIS will hold their traditional passover seder for lone soldiers this year as well, hosting over 400 soldiers who can’t visit their families for Passover, courtesy of the donations made by the A.B.S.I. FRANCE organization and Mrs. Hanita Atias-Keidar. The IDF is grateful to both AWIS and the donors for their generous donations and good will.

So what are you waiting for? Passover is only four days away!

Do you really want to disappoint these guys?