How Can You Help Spread the Truth?

How Can You Help

You don’t have to be a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces in order to help Israel defend itself. You can fight for Israel in the battle for public opinion. The truth matters. While Israel’s case may be unfairly represented in many media outlets, you can make sure that the facts get out. Here’s how:

Know The Facts

Everybody should be aware that Israel is under constant rocket attack from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. The attacks that are making headlines now have been going on for a long while now.

People need to know more about Hamas, the terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip and is responsible for all attacks emanating from the area. Hamas’ aims are clear: It wants to destroy Israel. Its charter says that Israel will exist “until Islam abolishes it.” Hamas uses civilians as human shields. It stores weapons in schools and mosques. And its rocket arsenal is growing.

Point out that Hamas brags about its actions on its various Twitter accounts and encourages violence against Jews worldwide. The bottom line for Hamas? Its leaders say loudly and clearly that it won’t stop its attacks until Israel ceases to exist.

Follow the IDF Online

In order to keep up with breaking news, follow the Israel Defense Forces on a number of different platforms. Subscribe to the account of your choice to hear news you won’t find reported in the media. See below for links:

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Spread the Word

Share our posts on Facebook. Tweet about us, or retweet us. Start threads on Reddit and share links on StumbleUpon. Send interesting articles about Israel and the IDF to mailing lists and forums you frequent. Write a blog post. By spreading the word, you help get the truth out to a wide audience.

To show that you stand with Israel, add the Israel Defense Forces PicBadge to your Facebook or Twitter profile. Here’s how:

1. Go to the IDF Picbadge page

2. Click ‘Add to Profile Picture’

3. Authorize the app

4. Put up your new profile picture!

Speak Out, Online and Offline

Thanks to social media, your voice can be heard. You have the power to change the way that the public views Israel. Comment on news articles, especially the ones you think misrepresent the situation. Debate with other people and commentators. Use our resources to back your claims with examples and historical evidence.

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Thank you for all that you do to defend Israel. Your actions make a difference.