Home Front Command Earthquake Drill

Tomorrow, February 20, an exercise simulating an earthquake will be held in all educational establishments. The drill is conducted by the Home Front Command along with the Ministry of Education, the Israel Police, Magen David Adom, Israel Fire and Rescue Services and local authorities and was scheduled as a part of the 2012 training graph.

Home Front Command drill at hospital


The exercise will be held in all kindergartens and schools and its purpose is to raise the readiness of the education system to an earth quake scenario and to test the effectiveness of the procedures during and following such an event.

The exercise is also intended to strengthen the cooperation between local authority and the educational establishment along with the Home Front Command, Emergency Services and volunteers from different organizations. In addition this will assist the education system and its faculty to conduct themselves appropriately during an earth quake.

During the preparations, preliminary exercises took place in various educational establishments and instructions were given to students in their classes.

The Home Front Command, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, will continue to raise the preparedness for emergency in all educational establishments. This will be done by constantly carrying out exercises as a part of a training graph intended to raise the readiness of all authorities during an emergency.

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