Israeli Convoy Delivers Medical Supplies to Gaza

Today, Israel sent 19 truckloads of medical equipment to Gaza’s Jordanian field hospital via the Erez Crossing. The Israeli aid convoy also included 195 Jordanian hospital staff members — who replaced outgoing staff — one fuel tank, one refrigerated truck and transportable buildings, which will expand existing hospital space by 300 meters.

Efforts such as providing Gaza’s civilian population with medical supplies–are coordinated daily by two Israeli bodies: The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) and Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration. The organizations also provide aid in fields including health, education, agriculture and infrastructure in particular.

Some facts about the Jordanian field hospital:

  • The Jordanian field hospital in Gaza treats approx. 1,000 people each day
  • Most of the basic medical procedures are taken care of by the field hospital, meaning that Gaza residents visiting Israeli hospitals are only those in need of complicated surgery, specialist opinions, or long-term treatments
  • The field hospital is supplied with new medical equipment transferred via Israel every 10-14 days on average
  • Jordanian doctors, nurses, and medical professionals staff the hospital, sent from hospitals in Jordan, and are switched out with new personnel every 3-4 weeks on average
  • The medical staff enter Israel via the Allenby Bridge (“King Hussein Bridge”) — along with the Jordanian soldiers meant to guard them – with no security checks, and the same goes for those returning to Jordan