7th Flotilla Ship ignores calls from Israel Navy to Dock at Ashdod Port, 5 June 2010

June 5th, 2010


Israel Navy Communicates Radio Message to 7th Flotilla Ship

The Israel Navy conveyed the following message to the 7th flotilla ship a few moments ago via radio transmission:

“This is the Israeli Navy. You are approaching an area of hostilities which is under a naval blockade.  The Gaza area, coastal region and Gaza Harbor are closed to all maritime traffic. The Israeli government supports delivery of humanitarian supplies to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip and invites you to enter the Ashdod port. Delivery of the supplies in accordance with the authorities’ regulations will be done via the formal land crossings and under your observation, after which you can return to your home ports aboard the vessels on which you arrived.”

The ship organizers chose to ignore the invitation to dock at the Ashdod port where the cargo could be unloaded and transferred to the Gaza Strip upon inspection.