Arresting Terrorists & Rescuing Hostages: Just a Typical Week for the Lotar Unit

An infiltration into Israeli territory in order to kidnap civilians: this is the strategy favored by terrorist organizations attempting to harm Israeli citizens. The Lotar Counter-Terrorism soldiers serve as the IDF’s response to these threats. The unit specializes in the release of hostages, is constantly training, and it’s soldiers are prepared to face any scenario that may be thrown at them.

PHOTOS: Female Combatant Soldiers Complete Their Training

In Israel, both men and women perform mandatory military service; three years for men and two for women. But some women willingly choose to become combat soldiers and serve side by side with men for three years, protecting and serving the country. Some of these woman, soldiers from the Home Front Command’s Combat Search and Rescue Brigade, recently completed their intense eight-month training and received their orange berets.

5 Killed in Jerusalem Synagogue Terror Attack

This morning, November 18, at least four Israelis were killed and eight injured when terrorists carried out a massacre during the morning prayer in a synagogue in Har Nof, Jerusalem. This savage attack is the most recent in the latest wave of violence and terrorism in Israel. In the past month, ten Israelis were murdered in terror attacks, and Hamas has been congratulating the attackers. This morning, members of the terrorist organization praised the attackers, describing them as heros.