Chief of IDF Intelligence: “Global Jihad Stronghold” Being Established in Syria

Head of IDF Military Intelligence Major General Aviv Kochavi warned of the“global jihad stronghold” that is being established in Syria. He addressed hundreds of IDF cadets who completed the Intelligence Officers’ Course

In his speech, Maj. Gen. Kochavi spoke to the new graduates about the threats from countries that surround Israel.

“It is possible that in the long term, the winds of change will carry opportunities and good tidings. However, in the immediate future, the dangers are increasing, with some fronts witnessing the seeds of new threats being laid.”

“Syria is the most disturbing example, drawing thousands of global Jihad activists and radical Islamists from the region and from beyond. They are establishing themselves in Syria, not only to oust Assad, but to promote their vision of a Sharia state. In plain sight, on our doorstep, a Global Jihad stronghold of great magnitude is being established.”

“This reality could potentially affect not only Syria and the border with Israel but Lebanon, Jordan, Sinai and the entire region as well.”

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