4 Shocking IDF Outfits That Trump Any Halloween Costume

Halloween is nearly upon us, and the yearly mission of finding a suitable costume has gained strategic importance. Contributions vary from the charmingly geeky to the just plain weird (not to mention downright creepy- but that’s the internet for you).

Here in the IDF we don’t officially celebrate Halloween, but then arguably we don’t need to—some IDF soldiers wear things during their service which put even the most elaborate ensembles to shame. In honor of Halloween, here are four outfits that trump any holiday costume:

1. Boulders

Egoz Soldiers in Disguise

The epitome of stealth.

There are two soldiers in the photo. Try and spot them before they spot y—oops, too late. Oh well. Don’t feel too bad about it; these are elite fighters from the Egoz Unit, who specialize in guerrilla warfare and camouflage. When these guys want to blend in, they go unnoticed by even the most advanced surveillance systems. Here’s an enlarged photo for those still squinting at the screen:

Egoz Soldiers in Disguise - Enlarged

Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s them.

D-I-Y? Well, start by attending try-outs for the elite units of the IDF, including a battery of grueling fitness tests and interviews. Once in, you’ll undergo several months of training, at the end of which you’ll be an expert at camouflage, stealth fighting, and reconnaissance. And just in time for Halloween, too!

2. Snow

Alpine Unit Soldiers in Snow

Now you don’t see them… now you don’t either.

Meet the soldiers of the Alpine Unit. These guys are all reservists from top-secret combat units who volunteered, after finishing their service, to defend one of Israel’s most strategic locations: Mt. Hermon, the country’s northernmost point. They undergo special training to learn how to fight in snow and extreme cold. And, of course, how to use their surroundings to their best advantage. Don’t believe us? Check them out in action.

D-I-Y?If you already have an extremely successful track record in one of the IDF’s lesser-known commando units, and have distinguished yourself as a fighter and as a soldier, consider this as an option. Don’t worry, we’ll call you.

3. A Patch of Field

Combat Engineer in a Field

Now that’s fieldwork.

Combat Engineers. They’re something else. Here’s one soldier showing off a summery camouflage suit. Comes in shades of yellow, brown, and tactical victory.

D-I-Y?Start by collecting massive amounts of straw and twigs. Or, apply for a reconnaissance position in the Combat Engineering Corps and model the occassional stealth outfit in the Mitkan Adam military base, in-between work alongside an armored battalion.

4. Shrubbery

Combat Officers Camouflaged in Woods

Trees haven’t been this deadly since Lord of the Rings.

IDF soldiers need to be able to fight in any terrain—from the desert to thickly forested woodland. See these combat officers training in Israel’s north? Not your average woodsman.

D-I-Y? After several long months of intense physical and mental training in the IDF’s infantry brigades, you’ll become a combat soldier. Another year-long course will make an officer of you, and after some time in the field you’ll be able to join exercises like this. Happy Halloween—IDF Style!

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