IDF Roundup: Must-Read Stories

Every week, many stories concerning the IDF are published in various websites. Here are five stories, published in the last two weeks, that you might have missed:

1) Life near the Gaza border:

Residents of Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, located right near the Israeli border with Gaza and Egypt, live under the threat of rocket fire and terrorist attacks. What’s it like living in such a fraught area? New York Times reporters went to find out.

Kerem Shalom Kibbutz

Kibbutz Kerem Shalom: A near miss.

2) WATCH: 127 North American teens arrive in Israel to enlist to the IDF:

127 Americans and Canadians arrived on August 14th to Israel in order to join the IDF. The new immigrants arrived on a flight organized by Nefesh B’Nefesh. Watch their flight arrive.

Nefesh B'Nedesh

Soldiers to be. Photo: Shahar Azran

3) Gaza farmers aim for independence in agricultural export by 2016:

At a meeting held at the IDF’s Gaza District Coordination and Liaison office, a Dutch-sponsored program proposed that Gaza farmers become independent in their efforts to export agricultural products. The new program states that the goal will be achieved by 2016, and in the meantime, Gazan exports will warrant outside assistance. Read the full story straight from COGAT.

Exportation of clothing products from Gaza

A truck exporting clothing products from Gaza to England.

4) 20 American volunteers see a different face of the IDF:

20 American volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds met with the commander of the IAF airborne medical unit, Lt. Col. Yuval, who told them about his experience as a doctor who was sent to Haiti as part of the IDF delegation. The volunteers got to know the a different face of the IDF and learned about IDF methods to people in need worldwide.

Doctors check on a premature baby in Haiti

Doctors from the IDF delegation check on a premature baby

5) Facebook vs. Hezbollah?

As part of its policy against terror and hate propaganda, Facebook decided to remove Hezbollah’s presence on the social media site, including the terrorist group’s Al-Manar television station. Last month, Apple and Google both removed Al-Manar apps from their products.

Hezbollah Rally

Hezbollah fighters at a rally in Beirut. Photo: The Daily Star