IDF Roundup: What You May Have Missed

Week after week, many articles are written in various publications about the IDF or IDF-related issues. Here are 5 stories that you may have missed:

1) Hezbollah planning attacks on Israelis in Cyprus:

This week security officials announced the arrest of a Hezbollah member in Cyprus, who was planning an attack on Israeli civilians vacationing on the Mediterranean island. Hezbollah operatives, backed by the Iranian government, have made repeated attempts to carry out attacks against Israeli targets outside of Israel. Read more about the Iranian connection on the Indian Express.

Hezbollah members during a parade

Hezbollah members during a parade.

2) PFLP plot to kidnap IDF soldiers revealed: 

Thhe Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) revealed a plot by a terrorist cell of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) to kidnap IDF soldiers. The soldiers were reportedly to be used as bargaining chips in prisoner exchanges.

In 2011 alone, the IDF registered around 20 abduction attempts of soldiers serving in Judea & Samaria, which led to the launch of a nationwide campaign against hitch-hiking under the slogan: “Don’t catch a ride. The ride might catch you.” Read more on Haaretz.

IDF's Campaign to Prevent Abductions

IDF’s Campaign to Prevent Abductions

3) The truth about women in the IDF:

Former Adviser on Women’s Affairs to the IDF Chief of Staff, Brig. Gen. (ret) Yehudit Grisaro, lays down the cards about women in the IDF.

According to Brig. Gen. (ret) Grisaro, no force in the world outranks the IDF in terms of gender equality. 92% of all positions in the IDF are open to women and almost one third of the force and 50% of its officers are female. Read more on the Guardian.

Former Advisor for Women's Affairs Brig Gen (ret) Yehudit Grisaro

Former Advisor for Women’s Affairs Brig Gen (ret) Yehudit Grisaro

4) “The man who saved Tel Aviv” recalls his fateful battle:

A few weeks ago, the IAF held a ceremony to honor Lou Lenart, one of the last living pilots from the original group to found the corps. Known as the “man who saved Tel Aviv,” the 91-year-old Lenart retells the fateful events of May 29, 1948 with great emotion and down to the smallest of details. Read more on Jpost.

One of the IDF's first pilots - Lou Lenart

One of the IDF’s first pilots – Lou Lenart

5) Israeli and American troops learn to save lives together:

When disaster strikes, teamwork and training can mean the difference between life or death. That’s why Israeli and American forces are training together how to save lives after a natural disaster. The U.S. Army and the IDF have a long history of cooperation and will continue to work together to save lives.

IDF Search and Rescue Unit

IDF Home Front Command soldier during an exercise

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