Israel Defense Forces: May 2012

As May comes to a close, we take a look back at a few of the many noteworthy IDF events from the past month. From a new submarine to a new Israel Air Force chief, here are some highlights from the past 31 days:

A New Submarine

May 3: At a ceremony in HDW shipyards in Kiel, Germany, Israel assumed control of its fourth Dolphin-class submarine. The highly advanced submarine, called the Tanin (Crocodile), is the IDF’s most expensive purchase.

IDF Dolphin Submarine

"The Navy and the submarines flotilla, together with the other branches of the IDF are strategic components that deter, protect, and fight for the IDF and Israel."

Thwarting a Terror Attack

May 7: Two IDF soldiers, Cpl. Stav and Cpl. Mercedes, helped thwart a terror attack at the Kalandia crossing when they arrested a Palestinian who was carrying an illegal rifle. The incident was a reminder that every week, Palestinians try to smuggle weapons or explosives.

Archive photo: Weaponry found in Judea and Samaria

A New Air Force Chief

May 10: In a ceremony at IDF headquarters, Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel was appointed commander of the Israel Air Force. “We do not rejoice in battle,” Eshel said. “If Israel is forced to draw its sword, may the IAF be the lethal and sharp blade…”

Major General Amir Eshel, the new IAF commmander

Major General Amir Eshel, the new IAF commmander

Celebrating Jerusalem Day

May 20: To mark the 45th anniversary of Jerusalem Day — the 28th of Iyar on the Hebrew calendar — the three IDF paratroopers from the famous photograph at the Western Wall shared a few memories from the day they help reunify Jerusalem in 1967.

Paratroopers at the Western Wall

Paratroopers at the Western Wall

Retired American Generals and Admirals Visit Israel

May 24: A delegation of retired American generals and admirals visited Israel this month in order to meet with senior political and military officials, understand the security challenges that Israel faces and learn more about the U.S.-Israel strategic alliance. View more photos from their trip.

Lt. Tiran, commander of the anti-guerilla warfare unit in the Northern Command, briefs the JINSA delegation on Hezbollah in Lebanon.