Behind the Scenes on a Dvora-Class Patrol Boat

The port of Haifa, known as Israel’s gateway to the sea, is not only home to cargo and commercial vessels. This hub connecting Israel to the Mediterranean Sea is also home to a vast array of Israel Navy Ships, dedicated to guarding Israel’s shores. In order to stay in tip-top shape, navy ships drill their skills and emergency preparedness. Here’s an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes on one of the IDF’s most important patrol boats.

Top Secret: How the Israel Air Force Thwarted an Alien Invasion

Several months ago a flock of alien spaceships were on their way to invade the planet when advanced Israeli radar systems identified them. It was then up to the technological unit of the Israeli Air Force to thwart the dangerous alien invasion by infiltrating the main spaceship’s technological systems and attacking them from within. The soldiers only had 12 hours to hack the systems, gather intelligence and stop the aliens.