A Story of Persistence: How a Catholic Filipino Became an IDF Soldier

Coming from a diplomatic family, Corporal Aaron Refael’s enlistment into the IDF was more unique than most. Aaron was born to a Catholic family, originally from the Philippines, who relocated to Israel before Aaron was born. Growing up in Israel, he was determined to serve as a soldier in the IDF like the rest of his friends. Despite the difficulties along the way, Cpl. Refael fulfilled his dream and is thriving as a combat soldier in the IDF.

IDF Hosts Multinational Conference on Contemporary Armed Conflicts

For three days, beginning on Tuesday, February 17, 2015, the IDF hosted a conference to discuss international law in contemporary armed conflicts with participants from across the globe. The international group – composed of military lawyers, experts in the field of military law, and legal advisors to international organizations – discussed operational difficulties and legal challenges posed by modern armed conflicts.

The Eyes of the Nation: Predicting Future Terror Attacks

There is no shortage of challenges when it comes to being the IDF’s eyes in the field. The soldiers of the Field Intelligence Corps are the first to raise alarm about unusual incidents in their sector; they must be aware of any minor change in the field and think of where the next attack may come from. Therefore, they must undergo meticulous training that ensures they are prepared for the challenges they will face.