Terror at Israel’s Borders: The Threat of Hezbollah

One of the most active and dangerous terror organizations in the world, Hezbollah maintains a vast network stretching across the globe. With financial and logistical help from Iran and Syria, Hezbollah has transformed over time into a military-like organization in Lebanon. Since the end of Israel’s most recent conflict with Hezbollah in 2006, this terror organization has focused on developing its technological capabilities, and it is now more powerful than many armies in the world.

A Story of Persistence: How a Catholic Filipino Became an IDF Soldier

Coming from a diplomatic family, Corporal Aaron Refael’s enlistment into the IDF was more unique than most. Aaron was born to a Catholic family, originally from the Philippines, who relocated to Israel before Aaron was born. Growing up in Israel, he was determined to serve as a soldier in the IDF like the rest of his friends. Despite the difficulties along the way, Cpl. Refael fulfilled his dream and is thriving as a combat soldier in the IDF.